Selling you Home on your own?

FSBO??? I listed and had it under contract in 3 days!!

So you have been trying to sale your house by your self, How is that going? Is it the same phone call one right after another? Changing you schedule to meet some one at the house? Are you priced right? How much can you say before you have said to much?

These and other questions is what I hear from homeowners when they have had enough. The up hill challange from the start is that buyers want it NOW. They don’t like to have to wait 30 minutes, a day or till the weekend. When a buyer is ready they are ready and when they get slowed down they step back and start over later. As a “For sale by owner” (FSBO) you are basically taken on a full time job but are working it part time. The work involve for 99.9% of home sales is more than buying a sign, writing down a phone number and selling the house. Before the sign goes in the yard you should know what the cost are with selling, How much is your loan pay off if you have one, What is the fair market price today for my home? Where will I market this house to get the best response? How will I show the House? Will I pay a buyer agent for bring me a buyer and How much? Did I say Market Value ? How do You determine this and should you check this after you list you Home?

All of the above is usually involved with how long it takes to sale you home. do any of these wrong and you have a sign in the front yard you have to mow around for a long time. Good Luck and if you have any questions or help contact me or your REALTOR today!

Thank you

Michael Siers



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