Snow on, Snow on

12509566_10207990808669817_6571763423290973716_nAs I work from my office today, the OBX is a bit breezy and cold but I am thankful that I don’t have to shovel snow.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to look at but from inside the house.  Social media has been active with many wonderful pictures of the kids being kids.  Evan some adults taking a break and acting like children again. That is nice to see!

On the other hand, I have many friends who are pushi12417919_995304880541582_976200655018133939_n.jpgng the roads, pulling cars from the ditches and helping others get what they need to get through this storm.  I want to thank you guys and girls for doing what you do.

So as we bundle up our kids, so that they will be warm, dry and in some cases left wondering what we are doing to them.  Let’s try to stay safe.  Stay out of the way of those that are trying to get the roads clear. Now that the Safety announcement is out of the way.

I want to let all my friends in Costa Rica surfing and the ones in the Florida Keys that are fishing and tanning.  You may think you are missing out on this, you’re not.  The travel home is going to be a mess!

10658533_10153971342133619_4371430835242512462_oNow I feel like I have addressed both sides of the snow storm of January 2016, I can get back to work.  There are several people looking for houses in the Outer Banks.  A little chilly out but a great place to be!! So Snow On, Snow On!

Take Care



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